The Crazy Beauty Treatments That Get The FROW Fashion Week Ready

Fashion Week isn’t just about what’s on the runway, it’s all about who’s on the front row too. For autumn/winter 2015, the usual suspects have been spotted – Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller – and all looking as polished as ever. But when you know you’re going to get snapped, you put in the prep work, enter rigorous beauty routines prior to the shows. From hi-tech creams to anti-wrinkle smoothies, we’ve got the scoop on the front row beauty secrets…


Rosie Huntington-Whitely


As well as walking for designers, Ms Huntington-Whitely is a regular on the frow too. Relying on a hefty antioxidant blast to keep her looking fresh-faced, it’s not uncommon to see her sipping raw algae smoothies filled with spirulina for energy and chlorella for added iron before she takes her seat!


Alexa Chung


She openly admits she’s not a fan of facials because they give her spots and she can live without massages. Instead, Alexa turns to acupuncture sessions to keep her grounded and stop jetlag getting the better of her between shows. It’s all the fuel she needs before she’s back on the plane and off to the next city!


Sienna Miller


She was born with a good bone structure and she never goes OTT on her make-up so her skin’s natural radiance can shine through, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t put the effort in behind the scenes. Her latest go-to? Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask that’s gentle (and effective) enough to apply straight before your make-up.


Kendall Jenner


It’s only natural for Fashion Week attendees to get a bit of a bloat. Champagne, rich food, lack of sleep don’t make for a flat stomach. That’s why Kendall, relies on endless cups of Japanese detox tea to ensure she can still bare all in mid-drift baring crop tops. A lemongrass-infused concoction, it rehydrates and fills her body with skin-boosting antioxidants.


Olivia Palermo


Fashionista Olivia Palermo puts in the legwork over Fashion Week season but it can bring out those blemishes. No biggie, Palermo crushes two Aspirin with a squeeze of lemon juice to form a paste that she dabs on to immediately reduce redness and stop swelling.


Freida Pinto


Backstage facials are now a given backstage but also relying on a hands-on approach before they face the cameras is actress, Freida Pinto who visits facialist, Su-Man pre-FROW. Using a muscle-stimulating approach to work in products, it’s been referred to as pilates for the face. Stretch and tone all the way!


Cara Delevigne


She’s papped at every party so can’t afford to have a bad skin day so between appearances, Cara is known for dipping into Neville Hair and Beauty Salon to get a Venus Freeze Facial. Using a mix of heat and magnetic pulses to ‘halt’ the ageing process, as well as boosting collagen long-term, skin looks instantly glowier.


Kate Moss


Another A-lister who relies on facials to get her skin all dewy and front-page-of-the-papers ready, Kate has skincare guru, Nichola Joss on speedial. Using a muscle manipulation technique (from inside the mouth!) it gets to work on the tissue underneath the cheekbones for a seriously chiselled effect. Pout perfect!


By Becci Vallis