The Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows You Need In Your Life

One of the best things about this time of the year is all of the fabulous Christmas releases from our favourite beauty brands. And no, you may not have started your Christmas countdown yet (the word is still banned in LOOK towers), but you can still indulge in a little festivities a bit early, because all the glitz and glamour of the season has already found its way onto packaging and into formulas. And out of all of these, there’s one product that’s caught our eye…

Bobbi Brown’s Sequin Eyeshadows. I mean… how BEAUTIFUL are they?! Taking shimmer to a whole new level, these intense jewel-toned shadows have been marbled together with pure metallic pigments; this is glitter the grown-up way. They’re part of Bobbi Brown’s Sterling Nights Christmas collection – inspired by Bobbi’s recent trip to South Africa.

The baked, densely pigmented, pearl-infused formula feels lightweight on the eye, and can be built up to create a deeper tone. The shadows are supposed to mimic African star-filled skies, which seems appropriate, because the shades are, well, mesmerising.

Annie’s wearing the sequin eyeshadow in ‘Moon Rock’


The four shades consist of a dark pearly green, golden bronze, midnight blue with copper accents, and a deep purple with pink pearls. And no, before you ask, they’re not yet available in a palette – we’re waiting, Bobbi…

Why just wear sequins when you can have them in your makeup?!

Bobbi Brown Sequin Eye Shadows, £25, are available from October 29th at


Annie Quinton