The Better Than Foundation Base- You NEED To Try!

Hurrah! We’ve found the ultimate base that is going to last us all summer long. It’s a brand new innovation from Korean brand Erborian, and it’s their first ever CC Creme. What makes it so special you say? Well, it’s made with clever skin-tone matching technology so the white/grey cream transforms to match to all skin shades.

Put it on with your fingers, the same way you would a daily moisturizer, and watch how the clever cream changes instantly to your skintone. We’ve tried it on slightly lighter skin and very dark too, and it looked flawless on us all. It’s genius!

The medium coverage is perfect for combination skin- as it’ll mattify oil, and boost moisturize into very dry areas. We can’t wait to stock up on it for our summer holiday- it’ll match whatever shade of tan we are! Trust us, it’ll be the best £16.50 you’ve ever spent!

By Samantha Freedman