The Best Products For Red Hair: Fight The Fade

If you’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with naturally red hair, congratulations, you are extremely lucky and while your strands would definitely benefit from a brightness boost, you don’t have to worry about the dreaded colour fade that so many fake reds face.

If your copper mane is the result of regular trips to the salon then you need to listen up and take some notes – red hair fades faster then any other colour. Getting your hair done is only half the work, the upkeep is just as important if not even more so if you want your shade to stay vibrant and glossy.

Equip yourself with some of these red reviving, colour conditioning products and you’ll bet your bottom dollar your fiery mane will stay fresh for longer.

Natural red head Jessica Chastain's lock are always gorgeously glossy Natural red head Jessica Chastain’s lock are always gorgeously glossy