The Best Hairstyles For The Gym: Your Sweat- Proof Do’s

Heading to the gym tonight? Were you planning on scrapping your hair back into a messy bun, for it to then fall out the second you amp up the pace on the treadmill? Well, if like us, you hate it when that happens you’ll be grateful for a little gym-hair-spiration. These styles will not only stay-put through a vigorous class (trust us, we’ve tried them) they’ll also look good post-gym too, so you don’t need to spend time washing your hair in the changing rooms.  

The French Plait

If you’re planning a lot of cardio tying your hair back into a plait is the best hairstyle for you, not only will it keep your hair tightly pulled back, of your face, it’ll keep baby hairs and fly-always capsulated so you wont have to re-do it mid-way through your workout. It sits slightly off the back of your neck too so it wont feel sweaty or clammy even if you have seriously thick hair. If you’ve got shorter bits of hair at the front, or a fringe, try Khloe Kardashian’s double French Plait style.

> Slick back fringes with a touch of wet-look gel like at Zac Posen



The Slick Back Quiff

Planning on getting seriously sweaty but don’t have hair long enough to tie it up? Then this is the gym hair look for your short hair, as seen at Zac Posen. Side part your hair and comb through L’Oreal Professional Techni.Art Extreme Splash Gel, £13.50, using a thick comb like this The Body Shop Detangling Comb, £4, over to one side. Pin the hair back using bobby pins and we’re pretty sure you hair won’t move, an inch.

> At Sportsmax baby hairs were accentuated with hairspray



The Baby-Hair Bun

The trusty bun is still the easiest gym hair look to try, we recommend using Invisbobble Hair Bands, £3.79, they grip your hair so tight it wont loosen, yes, even through those jumping jacks, and the spiral design is so clever it wont kink your hair when you take it out. If the baby hairs around your face come out and look a bit fluffy, don’t worry, spray them with a touch of Colour Wow Get In Shape 2-in-1 Working Hair Spray, £16.50, buff them in with the palm of your hand and leave them to do their own, whether that’s stick up or lay flat.

> Cornrow braids are perfect for keeping a tight grip



The Cornrow Twist

This look might look a little complicated, and take a bit of time to do, but if you put in the prep work you’ll have stunning hair all day long. Split your hair into three sections, tie the two at the side back into a long ponytail. Plait the ends and twirl it into a bun gripping it in place with bobby pins. Take the middle section and create a cornrow. Plait all the way back and tuck the ends into the bun to keep them out of side. Use Keracare Seal Liquid Sheen, £9.95 to keep everything in place. This hairstyle will last even through a swim class.

> Wet look hair is still a massive trend, as seen at Sophie Thealett



The Wet Look

Don’t mind working out with your hair down? Then try the classic wet look as seen on the Sophie Theallet SS15 catwalk. Apply VO5 Wet Look Styling Gel, £3.15, onto towel dried hair and brush it back using Aveda’s Paddle Brush, £17.10. The thick bristles will detangle as well as create tiny grooves over the crown, giving the look a sleek finish.

Samantha Freedman