When Geek Became Oh So Chic

When Gucci makes glasses this big of a statement, it’s time to embrace frames. But what make-up do you wear with them? All glasses wearers will know the pain of mascara hitting the lens, and the dilemma of making night-time make-up cool behind your specs. Here are our top make-up tricks….



Concealer Corrector

Thick frames will cast a dark shadow under your eye, either enhancing or faking a dark circle. Opt for a brightening concealer like Urban Decay’s Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, £17.50. Steer clear of super cakey formulas and too much powder, which can look exaggerated under the glass.



Lash Perfector

Clumpy lashes are a no go for glasses wearers. Instead pick a formula that’s more separating like the Smashbox Indecent Exposure Mascara, £19.50 to help open up the eyes.




Freckle Fever

Backstage make-up artist are adding faux freckles across models noses and cheeks, just under where your glasses would sit, so they look younger and fresher. Take two shades of High Definition Browtec, £16, one lighter and another darker and use them to dot on your freckles. Finish by patting over the top with your finger so it looks super natural.


Shadow Shifter

Stick to natural and netural shadows, nothing too glittery or shimmery. A rose gold or champagne will help brighten the entire eye area, we love Pur Cosmetics Eye Polish in Cashmere and Satin, £17 each. If you want to add more of a smoke, apply a darker colour, like Suede, above the lid, it’ll help keep the eyes looking as big as possible.



Dot-To-Dot Liner

Thin liner, close to the lash line, liner will look a lot chicer than a heavy feline flick. If you’re stuck on time, simply add a dot between your lashes just to boost thickness. Try Bare Minerals Lash Domination Ink liner, £19 (coming soon) – it has an extraordinary skinny tip.

Still Not Sure?

Well, clever Bobbi Brown, a glasses wearer herself, has devised a Secret Standout Eyes Makeup Lesson (20mins) for all glasses wearers. Simply head to any Bobbi counter, nationwide, and you could book in for a 1-2-1 make-up tutorial.

What Glasses Will Suit You…

We checked into these style guru’s to reveal what shape flatters their face shape…

Heart Shaped

Choose square frames like Suki’s that will make your angular jawline look softer.



Go for traditional geeky glasses that sit just above your eyes, like Zendaya, and low under your eyes that will open up a small face.


Oval Shaped

Choose a cat eye shape like at Holly Fulton to give a softer jaw a sharper edge.


Square Shaped

Go for thick rimmed round glasses to make your face look smaller.