The Best Products For Blonde Hair

Battling with brassy tones in your blonde? Read this.

While it may be true what they say: blondes have more fun – they also have more mane maintenance, and when it comes to keeping your strands cool-coloured all year round, you’re going to have to work for it.

One of the main problems with bleached hair, particularly icy and platinum blondes is that with time it fades and starts to turn more copper and less cool. Bright ashy tresses transform into yucky yellow shades, which, FYI, you do not want.

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So, in order to prolong your beautiful blonde you need to stock up on some toning hair care products. Generally, these will be purple in colour, but don’t panic you want to be using these, the brighter purple the better! By actively neutralizing brassiness they work to brighten, extend and safeguard your colour, preventing it from dullness and fading.

Here are some of the best blonde protectors on the market, to carry you through till your next salon session.