The lashes on the Julien Macdonald catwalk were mega!

Secret Cheats To Bigger, Bolder, Brighter Eyes!

Waking up early, with very little sleep, especially in winter, can play havoc to your beauty routine. Your skin will start to look haggard, your under eye bags have never been more prominent and your eyes look small and squinty. So how can you change all that to give your face a fresh, wide-awake finish? Three simple ways. Click on our video above and watch our Beauty Editor, Sam, show you what make-up cheats and clever tricks you can start to adopt to look like you’ve had a good eight-hours sleep, every night.


1. Contact Lenses

1-Day Acuve Define Contact Lenses, from £45.50 (for 30 pairs) are genius! They’re slightly coloured and work to enhance and define your eyes without changing the colour of them. They’re the number one selling lenses in Japan, and we predict them to be pretty big news here too!

They come in two variants, Natural Shimmer (they look best on light green, grey or blue eyes, and Natural Sparkle (which Sam’s wearing in the video) to enhance brown or hazel eyes. They’re only to be worn if you need vision correction or wear contact lenses already.

Fancy giving them a go?  Click here to get your free 5-day trial.

> Wide awake J.Law wears white liner in her waterline to look more awake


2. Light-Lining

This clever make-up trick will make you look more awake. Just how do celebs look so bright eyed on a hectic schedule…this is it! 

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Click to buy your light-lining tool, below.

NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Hollywoodland, £20


3. Wide Awake Lashes

Backstage at fashion week there are tones of insider tricks make-up artists are using to change the way we use make-up. But did you know, you could make your eyes look bigger and brighter by using your mascara in a different way? Yep…it’s true! Watch the video above to pick up all of Sam’s tips.

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara, £9.99

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Samantha Freedman