Gwen Stefani's mini buns officially ruled the 90s

15 Beauty Trends ALL 90s Girls Will Know (And Love)…

When it comes to 90s beauty anything goes. We’re talking alien-inspired hair trends – we’re looking at you and your mini buns, Gwen Stefani – and eyebrows so thin they were basically drawn on with a sharpie. Yep the 90s were jam-packed with cringeworthy beauty trends that we’ll never ever forget, (mainly because our eyebrows never quite recovered), here are our all-time favourites…

1. Mini Buns

Even with antena-chic, alien-inspired hair, Gwen Stefani is still the coolest person EVER.


2. Super-Skinny Eyebrows

Oooh Kate Moss, even you couldn’t escape the skinny eyebrow trend.

Kate Moss rocks skinny eyebrows in the 90s Even our favourite supermodel got sucked into the skinny eyebrow trend…


3. Pineapple Ponytails

The Spice Girls have a lot to answer for, and we’re starting with the pineapple pony….

 Emma Bunton rocks the 90s pineapple ponytail The pineapple ponytail… This hairstyle gem speaks for itself


4. Blue Eyeshadow

The brighter and bolder the better. Plus if you were really cool, you took it all the way up to your eyebrows.

Courtney Cox and Cameron Diaz wear 90s bold blue eyeshadow Look at Courtney Cox and Cameron Diaz working those colour pop peepers


5. The Side Ponytail

Ok, this one may have started in the 80s but the badass side-pony saw us through the 90s too (and we’re oh-so grateful).

Mariah Carey rules 90s beauty with this side ponytail Nobody can rock a side pony quite like Mariah Carey



6. Zig-Zag Hair Parting

Zig-zag parting and choppy layers = HOT

Christina Aguilera's zig-zag parting is our ultimate 90s beauty trend The zig-zag parting will earn you SO many cool points


7. Chunky Highlights

Everyone from Julia Stiles to Geri Halliwell rocked thick, streaks of contrasting colours. 10/10 for Geri for that face-framing action.

 Geri Halliwell and Julia Stiles go for chunky highlights Chunky highlights! Because stripy hair is awesome


8. The ‘Rachel’

Those two little words summed up an entire decade of hair. Jennifer Aniston, we love you, but that hair… 

The Rachel haircut was the 90s look everyone loved Hands up, who got the Rachel haircut?


9. Diamante Tattoos

If you didn’t have a crystal tattoo – preferably a butterfly or heart – for the school disco you were letting everyone down (including yourself).

Mariah Carey rules 90s beauty with her diamante tattoos Diamante tattoos and Mariah Carey, two of the 90s greatest icons together


10. So. Much. Brown. Lipstick.

It was everywhere….

The 90s and brown lippie go hand in hand... The 90s and brown lippie go hand in hand…



11. Tendrils 

Those two tiny pieces of hair that made every single updo/ponytail 10x better. Teamed with some kohl eyeliner and a crucifix choker like Ms Moss and you could totally pretend you were Sarah from The Craft.

Tendrils were a seriously huge trend in the 90s Those two little pieces of hair were essential to every updo


12. Crimped Hair

Another 80s classic that kept us going through the 90s… 

Crimped hair... the 90s beauty trend we're still obsessed with today Dust off those crimpers ladies!


13. Spiky Hair

Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba prove you can rock a spiky do’ no matter what your hair length. (Looking good VB

Even Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba got involved in the spiky hair action Even Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba got involved in the spiky hair action


14. Accent Ponytails

When one ponytail just isn’t enough….

If Clueless taught us anything it's that one ponytail just isn't enough. If Clueless taught us anything it’s that one ponytail just isn’t enough.


15. The Statement Sparkly Side-Clip

We’ll never get back the hours we spent in Claire’s Accessories trying to find the perfect hair clip….

Cameron Diaz rocks a side hair clip with this 90s beauty trend Ahhh the side hair clip, preferably with diamonds or in the shape of a butterfly