Say Hello To The ‘Bacial’ A Facial For Your Bottom!

It’s true. We’re a nation obsessed with our behinds. With celebs constantly posting their pert booties all over Instagram, to the whopping stat that ‘butt’ lifts are on the rise by a whooping 136%, according to London’s EF MEDISPA. We’re all focusing on our bums more than ever before. But when it’s your turn to get bikini beach ready, do you shy away? If so, then it’s time to embrace the all-new bottom facials designed to bring you that little bit closer to derrière perfection. Here are our top picks:

Derriere Sculptor

CACI Bottoms Up, from  £30 for 30 minutes, visit for locations nationwide

CACI are famous for their firming facials (J-Lo and Emma Stone are fans) but now they’re turning their expertise to our behinds! This treatment uses the same tiny electrical impulses to stimulate and tighten the underlying muscles in your bum and thighs for an instant lifting effect.  But that’s not all. Their patented massage technique stimulates new collagen, so after around eight treatments (one or two per week are recommended), the skin on your bottom will look smoother and be more toned too.

Jennifer Lopez at the Met Gala
JLo certainly takes good care of her peachy rear

360 Bottom Fix

Utterly Butt-erly at Karidis, £200 for 45 minute combined treatment or a course of 6 for £1000 available at Karidis MediSpa, St John’s Wood and MediSpa Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, Liverpool ONE, visit

This treatment combines three different facial techniques to sculpt your behind and even out patchy skin tone. The treatment starts with a 15 minute session of Accent, a radio frequency technique which gently heats and dissolves fat cells, before 15 minutes of Velashape – a combined therapy of vacuum massage with radio frequency and infrared light therapies, to tone the area further. Finally an exfoliating peel is used all over to de-clog pores and give skin a glow. It’s a 360 fix for lacklustre bottoms.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner’s bottom is super smooth!

Banish Spotty Botty

sk:n Isolaz Bottom Facial, from £130 for 45 minutes, visit

Nobody wants a killer spot detracting from their awesome bikini body, especially when it’s on your bum! That’s where Sk:n clinics’ Isolaz bottom facial comes in. It’s a two-step treatment that combines a pore-cleansing vacuum to loosen and remove blackheads with a healing blue light to blitz acne bacteria and reduce redness. It’s pain free and actually feels more like a warm massage than a harsh acne treatment. Expect clearer, smoother skin in around six to eight sessions.

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Brazilian Booty Upgrade

ARK Derriere Facial, £49 for 40 minutes, ARK Flagship Salon, Putney, visit

Think of the most elaborate facial featuring a circulation-boosting cleanse, pore-unclogging scrub, skin steaming, a lifting massage and luxe lotions. Only for your bum. That’s what ARK have done with their Derriere Facial. The four part treatment is designed to refresh and tone the skin on your behind while the lifting massage helps to drain trapped fluid that can worsen cellulite. The treatment stages can even be tailored to concentrate on one specific issue, say cellulite or loss of elasticity. It’s the perfect bespoke bikini fix.

Candice Swanepoel
We’re sure Candice Swanepoel has had a few bottom facials…

The 3 in One ‘Bacial’

LED Light Therapy, from £150 for XX minutes at EF MEDISPA, visit

This pain-free, LED Light Therapy treatment uses a cold laser to stimulate natural skin healing for scars andstretch marks (tbc), but it also stimulates the lymphatic system which helps relieve bloating and cellulite. Bonus! But that’s not all. The laser also helps to prepare the skin on your bum for the sun so when you do eventually get into your bikini, those embarrassing sunburned bottom scenarios are far less likely.

By Bella Binns