Meet The £2.99 Long-Lasting Lipstick That Won’t Budge

A lot of lipsticks claim they’ll last all day, they promise to stay with you no matter how much you eat or drink, but come midday your lips are left with nothing but a dodgy ring of colour around the edges… Not good.

Well forget all that, because COLLECTION’s new Lasting Colour Lipsticks, £2.99, actually DO stay put – yay! Here on the LOOK beauty desk we put them to the test, applying a good few coats in the morning for a full coverage colour, and come hometime they were still perfectly in place – genius right?!

Unlike other long-lasting lip formulas, these won’t dry out your lips as they’re actually designed to boost hydration by 20% – so no more chaps.

> Collection’s Lasting Colour Lipsticks Stay Put All Day!


COLLECTION Lasting Colour Lipsticks, £2.99

There’s a whopping 22 shades in the collection, ranging from hot pink to rose nude, and chocolatey brown to bright post-box red. Plus there’s 16 gloss finishes and 6 matt, so you can switch up the effect depending how you feel.

But you know what has really got our beauty brains in a whirl? They only cost £2.99! Yep, what a bargain? At under £3 these lovely lippies are seriously purse-friendly. 

If you’re jetting off on holiday this year, make sure you get your hands on the orangey-red hue, teamed with a gold wash of eyeshadow, it’s the ultimate summer make-up look and will look ah-mazing with a tan. Or if you want to try something a bit edgier go for a hot pink lip colour and team it with a cobalt blue mascara for a super cool finish.