Taylor Swift’s New Blonde Is So Pretty

The Shake It Off singer has taken her icy platinum blonde down a few notches for a super wearable honey shade.

When Taylor Swift bleached her ashy blonde bob platinum in April this year, we have to admit we were a bit surprised. Swifty isn’t known for massively changing up her style, so a full-on Kim Kardashian-style bleach job was a shocker. It was all for her Vogue US cover, of course, but Taylor seemed to like the look, keeping her hair uber light for the summer months.

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After she broke up with Clavin Harris (waaaah) and got it on with Tom Hiddleston (wooo) Taylor appeared to re-embrace her more natural look, returning to a darker blonde shade. Her country-girl curls even made a reappearance! Bye-bye straighteners, purple shampoo and Calvin. Hello au naturel Tay-Tay.

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The dark blonde might have been to give her follicles a well-deserved break. Even with the help of hair wonder product Olaplex, bleach can be very stressful for hair. And poor Taylor doesn’t need any more stress in her life.

taylor swift, platinum hair

Rumours have been swirling that her recent hot ‘n’ heavy and very public relationship with Tom might be on the rocks. The pair were suddenly very much an item, flaunting their love for the world. Tom even wore a “I <3 T.S.” vest and thus the moniker Hiddleswift was born.

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Could a rocky patch be the reason Taylor has upped her blonde again? Spotted out and about in NYC at the end of August wearing a cute playsuit over a tee, Taylor’s shoulder-skimmiung bob looked lighter and honey-kissed. Icy highlights mixed with soft buttery shades appear to have given Swift’s bob a brand new lease of life. Just in time for autumn!

Could she be on her way to going full ice queen again? It’s a hardy process that colourists often do in stages to give the hair time to heal. Whatever she’s up to, one thing’s for sure. 2016’s Taylor Swift is up for fun and a whole lotta change!

By Ellen Kerry