Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Boob Job’ Any Of Our Business?

Taylor Swift has been sporting a slightly different silhouette lately – and it’s left many fans convinced that she’s gone under the knife.

There’s no denying that the Shake It Off singer’s bust has been looking a little fuller over the last few months. In fact, new photos from this week showing Swifty stepping out for dinner in Queensland with new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston have done nothing to dampen rumours of a possible breast enlargment.

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> Taylor sparked rumours when she stepped out in Australia earlier this week flashing her cleavage


And fans on Twitter have been outspoken with their opinions on Taylor’s changing bod.

‘I think Taylor Swift got a boob job before the Red album came out and then again during the transition from Calvin to Tom’, one wrote.

> Taylor’s bust looked noticably bigger during her 4th of July pool party…


Still, boob job or not, is it really any of our business if the US popstar has decided to get surgery? Or is it her responsibility as a huge megstar to be honest about these kinds of things? Two LOOK writers battle it out…

Yes, she shouldn’t hide it! says Digital Writer Laura Jane Turner

If Taylor really has gone for a boob job, it’s her choice and I respect that. But what I don’t agree with is any attempt to hide it. I can’t help but feel that, whether she’s signed up for it or not, Swifty has a certain responsibility as a role model to young, impressionable fans. If Tay – or any other celebrity for that matter – is quizzed on how the shape of her body has changed, she should be totally transparent about it. Young people already struggle enough with body confidence, without being given unrealistic ideas about what’s achievable or ‘natural’.

No, it’s none of our business,
says Digital Editor Robyn Munson

Yes, Taylor may have had little help in the cleavage department, but I am expecting her to schedule a press conference telling the whole world all about it? No. I couldn’t care less if Swifty felt the need to go up a few cup sizes, and neither should anyone else – her body, her rules. If someone asked her outright if she’d had it done, I’d like to think Taylor wouldn’t lie… But for all we know, she had a major boob-related complex than massively affected her confidence. So if she feels great about her body now, then I’m all for it.