Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Gets Epic Period Remake

Taylor Swift’s epic Bad Blood music video has been the subject of a lot of attention. 

Aside from the VMA nomination drama – that pretty much took over an entire week on Twitter – there’s been a series of comedic parodies and covers sweeping the world wide web. 

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The latest re-make has quite an important and topical message, as well as being rather funny. 



British comedians Cariad Lloyd and Jenny Bede have decided to take the name quite literally, to make a period anthem.

Bad Blood indeed.

The idea is to promote the growing protest against the tax on sanitary products. Because, why should we have to pay extra for nature? EXACTLY.



Tay Tay’s lyrics have been switched up in place of a plea to the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, asking that the luxury VAT be removed from tampons and sanitary items, which are clearly a necessity for most women during one quarter of every month.

Anyone that’s seen Taylor’s original flick will know that her girl squad take on different bad ass characters. In this version, the names have been replaced for more topical titles such as Madame Ovary, Oestro Jen (geddit?) and, of course, Heavy Flo.

Oh, Flo.

You can watch the full video here… 

By Laura Jane Turner