You’ve Been Applying Concealer Wrong For All This Time

How do you apply your concealer

It’s something that we might not give much thought to on a daily basis, but the cogs in our brains are certainly turning now, thanks to this super simple, and yet super effective, make-up artist’s trick. 

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Marie‘s online editor, much like a lot of people, used to apply hers with the wand that came along with her favoured product, and then use her fingers to ‘smear it around’ the desired area. 

Come on, hands up who’s guilty of this too? 


It wasn’t until she attended the Golden Globes – one of the more glamorous perks that can come out of a career in journalism – that she noticed make-up mogul Laura Mercier had a niftier technique.

Instead of smearing, she tapped. According to Jessica, this simple switchover enabled her make-up to stay firmly in place all night. 

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The ‘Tap Tap Tap’ method isn’t new. Just take this make-up artist’s tutorial, from 2014, as proof. 

But we have to admit, it’s something that wouldn’t necessarily think too much about first thing in the morning when we’re thinking less about our beauty techniques and more about not being late for work. 

So it’s always good to have a refresh. 

Get tapping…