Tanya Burr Is Slammed For *This* Bath Picture

When Tanya Burr decided to share her relaxing Sunday night bath with her fans on Instagram, we bet she didn’t expect it to cause this much outrage. 

The 26-year-old beauty vlogger kicked off with a photo of her Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, £4.25,  which she captioned excitedly: ‘So excited to pop this in the bath.’

And it seemed that her pet pooch Martha was just as excited as her mum was, as the next photo Tanya posted showed that her furry friend had soon hopped in to join her.

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tanya burr lush bath bomb unicorn horn It all started with this snap of her Lush Unicorn Horn bath bomb…


‘Look who jumped in!’ Burr wrote next to a snap of Martha perched between her legs in the bath.

However, fans were quick to criticise Tanya for welcoming her pet dog into the bath with her. And they weren’t afraid to call her out on it…

‘Ohhhh make sure you get that soap off of her skin when she gets back out. It could irritate her skin. Hopefully you know that’, one concerned user wrote underneath the photo.

tanya burr dog bath Tanya has been slammed for posting this photo of her dog in the bath with her


‘Hope your doggy doesn’t have a bad reaction if you’re using a bath bomb. Normally products like soaps won’t affect them because they’re tested on animals but Lush doesn’t’, another commented.

And it wasn’t just Martha’s safety they were worried about, as fans also threw up the question of hygiene.

‘Lord. All kinds of hygiene issues’, another slammed.

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We can’t help but think this was a slight overreaction – we can imagine plenty of other dog-lovers welcoming their pooches into the bath with them. And it seems Tanya thought the same.

‘Can’t believe people are saying it’s unhygienic to let little moo in my bath – thank goodness she can’t read or she’d be seriously offended!’ she later tweeted.

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tanya burr dog martha Tanya got Martha as a puppy back in July 2015…