The Tanning Drug That Could Prevent Skin Cancer

Could this be the end of fake tan?

We all love a bronzed, glowing tan in the summer months, but protecting your skin against the sun’s harsh rays is incredibly important in preventing skin damage. Because of this most of us love to fake it ’til we make it with a good old tan in a bottle.

But what if there was a safe way to achieve real a tan without being exposed to UV or radiation? Well, it appears now there could be… and it’s pretty exciting stuff.

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Scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital have discovered a drug that could give you a real tan without even going outside! Yep! The drug, which is currently in development, is said to trick the skin into releasing the pigment melanin, which essentially causes the skin to tan.

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The drug is worked onto the skin like a cream, but instead of just staining the skin like a fake tan would, the drug actually mimics sunlight, leaving your skin a couple of shades darker without any damage at all.

Whilst the drug is incredibly exciting for cosmetic reasons, the drug could also prove serious medical progression when it comes to the rising cases of skin cancer as well as premature ageing.

Unfortunately the drug is not available just yet as it still requires further safety testing but for now, the news provides a possible breakthrough – and we are definitely intrigued!

By Emma Hull

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