The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea

The £18 Wonder Product That = Cellulite Free Thighs!

Ah, green tea; we all know it can do wonders for our health, and we sure do love a cuppa of it here at LOOK towers. However, after discovering The Body Shop’s latest range, we’re dipping our green tea bags into something other than our favourite mug…

The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea range is the latest in their bath and body lines, including everything from body scrub to shower gel. However, the stand out piece from the line is the Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea, £12; with a crisp and refreshing smell, it’s sure to help you detox and unwind after a long day. And just like your afternoon tea, it contains real green tea leaves.

What’s more, green tea is great at detoxifying, and has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help fortify and cleanse the body. Ridding our body of toxins can only be a good thing, as they can cause pesky problems such as cellulite.

And why complicate things? Make your green tea bath just like you’d make your tea. Place the leaves inside the Fuji Green Tea Bath Infuser, £5, and pop it in your warm bath while it’s running. The infuser allows the leaves to brew in the water, but stops them from escaping and causing a messy bath.

If it’s good enough for your brew, it’s definitely good enough for your bath.


Annie Quinton