This Super Mario Hair Trend Is The Craziest Thing We’ve Seen

Ohh, Mama Mia!

The fashion and beauty world is having a major #TBT. SS17 catwalks were dominated with nostalgic looks, from smudged, kohl eyeliner reminiscent to the 90s grunge chic to Chanel channelling the French Prince Of Bel Air with their chosen hair accessories.

And off the catwalk it seems that many iconic trends are here to stay. Chokers have once again become our go-to accessory and power suits have got us feeling all kinds of cool.

But Spanish hairdresser’s, X-presion Creativos, took this trend a step (or 10) further when they took to Instagram to reveal pixelated versions of Super Mario video game characters on – wait for it – hair!?

At first, it appears to look like the colour has randomly been put in the centre of the hair.

But when the hair has been dried…. “It’s-a me, Mario!”

In an Instagram post, the mane maestro’s described the look as “a step forward in hair color” and we can’t say we disagree!

The R&D Hairdressing company is already well known for their amazing hair art and are pioneers of the pixelated trend where they place techno-inspired designs on the roots or the ends of hair.

BRB, just making an appointment for a Sonic the Hedgehog pixelage.

By Mollie Hammond