This All-Veggie Serum Is Natures Answer To Anti Ageing

Like a green juice for your skin.

Don’t get me wrong, skincare is exciting, but it tends to be a palette or highlighter that really gets me going. Yesterday a little green glass made its way onto my desk (thanks to our ever resourceful postman) and I’ll admit that I have not stopped talking about it since.

Named Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum, £42, it was created by Tropic, a beauty brand owned by BBC’s Apprentice contestant Susan Ma. Anyway, while I found this all pretty interesting, it was the serums ingredient list that I was really taken aback by.

When choosing the products I put on my face, I tend to reach for things that contain natural ingredients. As a general rule of thumb, if I see and ingredient that I can’t pronounce I assume it’s not doing great things for my skin.

When you’re looking for natural skincare, it can feel a bit like you’re making stabs in the dark. Often things are referred to as natural or organic, but they still contain nasties. Not this green gem. It boasts an impressive 100% naturally derived set of ingredients, that’s right every single thing in this bottle once was a plant. It’s basically just a freshly blended juice for your skin.

It’s packed full of 18 pure plant extracts which include kale, a source of vitamin k that helps with wrinkles, blemishes and acne scars, maca root extract which boosts collagen and green coffee oil which protects against premature ageing and free radical damage.

The serum itself comes out, you guessed it, green. It feels like a very light oil and it absorbs into the skin fast, without leaving it greasy. Between me and you it smells a lot like a bowl of veg, which too be honest is a good thing.

But, I wanted to give you a heads up, just incase you were expecting it to smell like flowers or some other pretty fragrance. As of yet I have only tested it at my desk, but I’m planning on using it every night and I promise to update you all when I do. BRB, just getting my greens.