Tried & Tested: Sunkissed Bronze Spray Tan

Tanning from the comfort of your own home is great. It’s considerably kinder to your bank balance and gives you the option to take your time and relax in your baggiest (and probably most hideous) clothes while it dries.

That being said, there are plenty of things that aren’t so glamorous about DIY tanning… stained sheets, a biscuit-like scent. Need we say more?

A new kid on the tanning block however, is proving to be the answer to all our self-tanning woes: Sunkissed Bronze Professional Moisturiser Spray Tan.

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Twitter: @WeLoveSunkissed

Teaming luxury quality with an affordable price tag, the product is specifically designed to speed up the entire tanning process – and it really does just that!

A tanning mist, it’s super easy to apply and takes a matter of minutes to cover all-over – we’d know, as we tried it. Just spray evenly onto the skin and then use a tanning mitt to buff it in.

Once applied, we could instantly feel the moisturising effect of the tan. It contains skin-kind argan oil that nourishes from application to the end of the day.

One of the worst aspect of self-tanning, for us at least, has to be that awful, sticky feeling you get straight after application.

This genius product however, promises to dry in a maximum of three minutes and develop gradually over an hour. For us, it really did deliver on that promise – it’s got to be the quickest drying tan we’ve ever tried.

If insanely quick drying wasn’t exciting enough, prepare to have your mind blown.


Twitter: @WeLoveSunkissed

The clever little product is formulated to never transfer colour. Meaning your white underwear, white summer dress, white sheets and towels are all safe!

Of course, we put that to the test too, and were pleasantly surprised to find that our sheets (and everything else) were still in pristine condition!

We’ve been super impressed with all the revolutionary qualities of this little beauty. And the best news? It rings in at only £9.99 at Superdrug.

By Catherine Delves