Sun-Stripping Is Here To Replace Strobing For Spring

If you’ve just got used to the world of contouring, baking and strobing – those Kardashians have a lot to answer for, right? – we’ve got a brand new beauty trend to throw into the mix. 

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Don’t hate, this one’s set to be big for 2016, and it’s pretty perfect for the spring/summer months. 

Say hello to stripping, AKA sun-stripping if you’d prefer to use the safer term. This new make-up hack is being bandied all around the internet right now. 

And it’s all about the bronzer. 

So, what exactly is stripping? 

No, it’s not taking your clothes off (thank goodness), so you can button up that shirt now, thanks. 

It’s the bronzing technique that hopes to mirror a natural sun-kissed look, applying your favourite powder across the parts of the face that the sunshine naturally touches. 

Sun-stripping is much less hassle than contouring.

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Simply take your make-up brush and your go-to bronzer, tap away any excess powder, and apply in a single line.

The sweep is easy: start across one cheek, continue across your nose, and finish once you’ve brushed across the other cheekbone. 

Now go forth and become bronzed beauties, the no-fuss way.