The 7 Hair Sins Of Summer And How To Fix Them

From frazzled locks to smooth strands, ASAP.

Here comes the sun! More like, where are you, please hurry!? But with sun comes hair stress and that’s no fun. So, in ode to the summer we really should be having (any day now, thanks) we’ve rounded up the most common summer hair complaints and given you the solutions. Just call this your hair bible. You’re welcome.

  1. Split Ends

A blend of coconut oil, honey and vitamin B make Duck & Dry’s Instant TLC leave in conditioner, £17 your one-spritz fix to mend damaged ends. Use as protection during the day or spray liberally through the lengths and ends before bed and leave on overnight to buy you time before your next trim.

  1. Dryness

Philip Kingsley’s Coconut Breeze Elasticizer, 75ml £19.50

We wouldn’t dream of going on hols without packing this pre-shampoo treatment. It brings life back to broken, unruly hair by putting the moisture back into parched locks leaving shiner, more manageable strands in their place. Plus, it has a new summer scent, so your hair will feel smoother, softer and smell good, too.


  1. Frizz

Hair gets frizzy in the heat because moisture in the air (otherwise known as humidity) gets inside the cuticles. A few pumps of Ouai Hair Care Hair Oil, £24 will put poofy hair to rest. Run it through damp hair before styling and use as the final step in your routine to smooth and add shine.


  1. Dullness

When it comes to getting glossy locks, sand sweat and product build up are all against you. Wash your hair with L’oreal Série Expert Pure Resource Shampoo, £10.50, to rid it of any residue and get your shine back ASAP.


  1. Brassiness

Blondes might have more fun, but they also have to look after their hair more come summer. Bleach is activated by the sun, which means highlighted areas will get lighter. Great if you’re looking to amp up the blonde, not so great if you want it to stay cool toned and looking healthy. Phil Smith’s Bomb Shell Blonde Radiance Intensive Treatment, £3.50 not only nourishes, it brightens so your colour will stay the way you want it.

  1. Damage

The only way to keep your hair entirely protected from the suns rays is to wear a hat. BC Sun Protect Shimmer Oil, £13.25, is the next best thing, the waterproof oil works like an invisible shield, protecting your hair from UV damage. Use before you it the beach.


  1. Limp Locks

Straight strands need a little helping hand with the beach babe look. Original & Mineral’s Surf Bomb Sea Spray, £22 is your secret weapon for getting that sexy, Californian surfer babe texture. Spray through damp hair in sections then dry using a diffuser, or plait before bed and you’ll wake up to tousled tresses.