Summer Hair Hero Product: Richard Wards’s Hair Butter

We know THAT feeling; you’ve had an incredible sunshine-filled week abroad, and you’ve come home to chlorine and sun damaged hair – never a good look.

Richard Ward’s Summer Seasons After Beach Hair Butter is our summer hair saviour. And trust us, it really is as yummy as the name suggests. Packed full of shea butter and avocado oil, this hero product quenches dry and miserable hair like no other.

Simply apply like conditioner and leave in for 5 to 10 minutes and voila – healthy, shiny hair! Trust us, you’ll be getting hair compliments left, right and centre. We can’t remember life without it, and if you’re a frequent swimmer, this charmer will instantly become your new best friend.

Snap it up from QVC as part of a four piece hair collection, and reap the gorgeous rewards. HG

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