12 Summer Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

A potato pedicure and an avocado hair mask are just some of the hacks to help you this summer.

When it comes to summer beauty hacks, we can all use a helping hand in perfecting our appearance. From fake tan fails to bad bikini rashes, a summer holiday is full of potential problems, but lucky for you, we’ve shortlisted 12 tips and tricks to keep you looking good all day long.

Summer Beauty Hacks

Keep Frizz at bay by using a toothbrush

Flyaway hair is a pain for anyone, but thanks to your trusted friend, the toothbrush, you have a little helping hand. Simply spray a toothbrush with hairspray and run it through the hairline, and then above the ears, to smooth down any stray hairs.

One step bronzing lotion

If you want to add a summer glow to legs and arms but have no time for fake tan, then a homemade bronzing lotion will work just as well. Simply add some shimmery bronze or gold eyeshadow to your body lotion, and apply as normal.

DIY Pedicure with a potato

With summer coming up, the fear of flip flop feet is looming, and you might not have time for a professional pedicure. To exfoliate the skin use a potato, which has been cut in half and coated in sea salt. Rub the potato along the bottom and sides of the feet for an instant exfoliating fix. Sounds weird, seriously works !

Baby Powder is your new best friend

When summer rolls around, baby powder is your loyal friend, which has many different uses. Not only a cheaper alternative to dry shampoo, it can also be used as a setting powder to keep make up in place, and can even be used to remove wet sand from the skin. Most definitely a holiday essential.

Say goodbye to self-tan stains

We’ve all been there with the annoying fake tan patches, which somehow appear on elbows and knees, no matter how smoothly you’ve applied the product. To solve this, mix some lemon juice with baking powder to make a thick paste and then massage it into the skin, and leave on for ten minutes. The lemon juice will lighten the stains, and the baking powder works as a great exfoliator.

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Save time and shave less

Summer means one thing – bare legs. The constant upkeep of freshly shaved legs can be hard to manage, and sometimes you need to skip a couple of days shaving. Instead, try mixing sugar, lemon and water, a natural remedy which is supposed to slow down hair growth, keeping you smoother for longer.

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Keep comfortable in sandals

Nothing excites us more than being able to wear our favourite sandals in summer, but sometimes the pain is too much. In order to keep blisters at bay, spray your ankles and toes with deodorant, as this prevents the moisture and friction which causes blisters in the first place.

Keep it cool for a perfect coat of polish

When applying nail polish, the product can sometimes become too thick, leaving bubbles when the nails are painted. To avoid this, put your polishes in the fridge, as this will not only make it easier to apply, it can also increase the self-life too.

Banish bikini rashes

When rushing to wear your bikini at the beach, a predictable downside can be the dreaded bikini rash during pre-pool preparation. To soothe this, place chilled chamomile teabags onto the rash around the bikini line and leave for a couple of minutes. Plus, it also works on tired eyes too!

Stop sunburn in its tracks

Aloe Vera is a guardian angel when it comes to fighting sun burn. While the gel works well alone, another option is to freeze the Aloe Vera into ice cube trays. Once chilled, this will bring some much needed relief to sunburnt skin, as well as helping the skin heal.

Keep hydrated with a DIY fast mist

In summer it is so important to keep skin hydrated, but face mists are not always cost effective. To combat this, it is so easy to make your own. Add some refreshing mint, lavender, cucumber or rose to an empty spray bottle, and top up with water. Chill it in the fridge for a couple of hours, then keep cool and hydrated on the go.

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Ditch dry hair with an avocado face mask

After days spent in the pool or at the beach, your hair is often left feeling dry and lifeless. To save the day, try making a moisturising hair mask, made from avocado, olive oil and lemon. Simply crush the avocado, and mix with a tablespoon of olive oil and lemon. Apply to the hair and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing for some gorgeous, revived locks.

By Kelsey Dring