Summer Beauty: Get Expert Waxing Tips Now!

Whether you’re staying put in Blighty or heading out on an exotic holiday, getting your summer beauty regime nailed is a must. So, aside from all the pre-tanning, the bikini health kicks and the colour pop manicure, our biggest summer beauty prep? Getting our bodies totally fuzz free, poolside stubble is such a beauty no-no.

We caught up with Arézoo Kaviani, beautician to the A-listers (including Cameron Diaz, Daisy Lowe AND Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) who let us into a few of her industry secrets, so that we can get super holiday prepped the easy way.

So if you’re pampering yourself at a beauty salon or getting to grips with waxing at home, make sure you check out Arézoo’s fab waxing tips first!

  • Avoid heat – Both before and after your wax, stay clear of heat – sunbathing and saunas are both definite no-nos. A lot of beauticians recommend taking a hot bath after your wax, but in reality this will make your skin thinner which will increase any redness and the possibility of developing spots, so definitely avoid them!
  • Exfoliate – The night before a wax make sure you prep the area with a good scrub, you can use a bodybrush or exfoliating wash, it’s totally down to personal preference. Doing this will help to minimise pain. Make sure to exfoliate regularly in-between waxes to avoid spots and ingown hairs.
  • Let you hair grow – Ignore the 2mm rule that most people set, instead allow for at least 4 weeks worth of hair growth. The more hair you have, the more you’ll be able to remove through waxing.
  • Use ice – Rub ice all over the desired area prior to waxing to numb the skin, repeat following the wax to draw the heat out and close pores. This will help with any post-wax soreness.
  • Use tea tree soap – The antibacterial qualities in this will help get rid of spots anywhere on the body (especially those sly bikini line ones). Once washed, it’s vital you dry the area properly, otherwise the wet atmosphere will allow bacteria to thrive.
  • Keep at it – The more you wax, the finer your hair will grow back, and the less you’ll have to do it. If you’re already an experienced waxer, miss one wax session a year in favour of shaving to allow skin a well-needed break.

Phew, that’s a beauty lesson and a half! We’ll meet you and your fab body at the pool bar! HG