Suki Waterhouse Has An Unexpected Make-Up Secret

Suki Waterhouse has totally nailed that low-key glam look.

The 23-year-old model always look seriously stunning, despite often stepping out with a simple ‘do and pared-back make-up.

But there’s actually a secret behind her tousled appearance. And it’s kinda gross (soz, Suki).

> Suki Waterhouse isn’t afraid to go au naturel


’l wash my skin, but I always leave all the eye make-up on. I quite like that disheveled look the next day,’ Suki tells People.

‘You know, when you got amazing eye make-up done and you just leave it for the next day? I love it, you can make it last for a few days. I never wash my eyes off.’ Lolz. Whatever floats your boat…

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In fact, Suki’s day-to-day routine is generally pretty simple.

> Suki Waterhouse often enjoys heading out with no make-up on


She continues: ‘If I don’t have to do anything, I really don’t mind going outside without make-up, and I think a lot of the time there’s something to be said [about that].

‘We can look just as good without make-up. But I love those days where I just walk out with nothing.’ We’re with you there, lady.

However, there is ONE thing that Suki can’t leave her house without doing.

> Suki Waterhouse’s eyebrows are always on point


‘I have to have my eyebrows fully brushed up before I go out, otherwise if they’re brushed down, I just look like an old grumpy man,’ she says.

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Despite Suki’s confidence (and being one of the world’s most successful models), there’s always something she’s a teeny bit worried about before stepping onto the catwalk.

‘I’m just trying not to get run over by all the tall girls when I close the Burberry show because I’m at the front,’ she says.

> Suki Waterhouse has one teeny fear about modelling


‘I always think that the girls are all so tall compared to me, and I’m going to get run over! They’re faster than me, and I’m going to get trampled!’

Oh, Suki. We’re sure you’d even manage to style that one out.