The New Succulent Nail Art Trend Is Incredible

BRB, just watering our nails...

Here at LOOK, we love a decorative flower display as much as the next person. They can be used to brighten up a dull and dreary office and act as a saving grace for our other halves when they’ve done something to really annoy us. (“What time do you call thi… omg look at the elegant combination of the lavender orchids and the pink godetia!”)

But could your love of plants extend as far as, let’s say, allowing them to start sprouting on your fingernails? If you’ve answered yes to this question you’re in luck because thanks to Australian botanical artist Roz Borg, succulent nail art is *officially* now a thing.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Borg explained how she has been creating jewellery with succulents and decided to start using them for nail art, as she’d never seen it done before.

To create the look, Borg uses an oasis floral adhesive to glue the baby succulents to an acrylic nail and once this is dry it’s then attached to her real nail. She says the whole process takes hours but is completely worth it because it’s unlike any nail creation you’ve ever seen.

This look is also the only time a nail can “chip” and you’re not allowed to be annoyed about it as she told the publication; “The Oasis glue eventually releases and I can plant the baby succulents and they can grow happily.” Blooming brilliant!

Although we think this nail art is one of the coolest things we’ve seen, we can’t help but feel it could sliiiiiiightly get in the way of our everyday life, so here is some nail inspo if you’re loving this botanical inspired trend.

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By Mollie Hammond