This Is Why We Should Learn To Love Our Stretch Marks

Most of us have stretch marks, right?

And most of us aren’t really fans of those stretch marks. But the fact is, they’re never really going to go away (sorry, girls).

So why don’t we just embrace them?

This is what a group of super-inspirational women have decided to do, discussing their choices in Buzzfeed Yellow‘s video Why I Love My Stretch Marks.



Proving that they can creep up on us at any time, one of the ladies discusses the moment she found stretch marks on her arms after putting on 50lbs during her first pregnancy.

Others say they first spotted them in high school.

Upsettingly, the majority of the women admit that they originally felt self-conscious about the (totally natural) additions to their bodies.

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One says: ‘I’ve never been ashamed or embarrassed of my skin, but it felt like I had scars that I didn’t want on me.’

Another confesses: ‘I thought that only people who were pregnant got stretch marks, and only got them on their stomach. And so I thought that something was honestly wrong with me.’

But they’ve since come to realise that their stretch marks are beautiful – and their reasons are very poignant.



‘I feel like my stretch marks remind me of how much that I have changed in the past few years and how much stronger I’ve gotten,’ says one of the participants. And we TOTALLY agree.

Another feels they show she’s a ‘woman’, while a particularly proud mum says they make her smile because they remind her of her first pregnancy.

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But the most moving story of all comes from a woman who’s suffered a miscarriage.



She says: ‘I didn’t gain a lot of weight from being pregnant but I gained a lot of weight from the depression after, so the stretchmarks were like a reaction to losing the pregnancy.

‘When I look at my stomach, it reminds me that was once life here or that there can be life here in the future. I think it’s just beautiful because it’s still the evidence of what I could have been.’

Now that’s powerful.