The ‘Stick And Poke’ Tattoo Trend Is On The Rise

There’s a new slang term being thrown around to describe the ‘It’ tattoo technique of the moment.

‘Stick and poke’ tattooing has been around for donkey’s years, but it’s really having a moment right now, with celebrities such as Rihanna jumping on board too.

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What’s different about it? Well, for starters it uses a non-electric method, meaning that body artists freestyle their work with a single needle and ink.

Adam Sage is a professional tattoo artist working at Into-You Tattoo in Brighton, and he has been using the non-electric technique for just over a decade.

He has tattooed a handful of celebrities and also says that people fly from different countries to get the effect that the ‘stick and poke’ method creates.

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Just one look at Adam’s Instagram account shows you the distinctive look of the single hand-held needle. And we LOVE. 

Speaking with the Guardian he says that he believes that the appeal is perhaps ‘because tattooing is now very accessible, so people want something that feels a bit more considered.’

Miki Vialetto, who is the publisher of Tattoo Life magazine, agrees with Adam that the rise of manual tattooing techniques may be due to the popularity of body customisation.

He believes that this freestyle method ‘brings back the real power of tattoos.’ 

Adam, who studied Fine Art at University, prefers the poking technique because ‘it leaves more room for imagination’.

It goes without saying that the decision to get a permanent inking on your body should be carefully considered and researched thoroughly, seeking a reputable and safe tattoo artist.

Not getting tattoos done properly can be very dangerous. And, of course, you want it to look good.  

Adam told the Guardian, ‘I sometimes get asked to ‘fix’ hand-done tattoos. But, like a lot of things, some things just can’t be rectified. But, I’ll always try my best.’

By Laura Jane Turner