MIC’s Stephanie Pratt Just Had The *Worst* Eyelashes Experience

The Made In Chelsea star opens up about her worst beauty blunder - an eyelash perm

When you think Stephanie Pratt, you normally think flawless make-up.

Because let’s face it, the Made In Chelsea star has some of the best skin in the ‘biz. In fact, we don’t think she’s had one beauty blunder since she’s joined the E4 series!

Except, well, she has. Only luckily for Steph, it all happened off-camera – yep, the 30-year-old had a major eyelash disaster recently, and it’s making us shudder just thinking about it.

Steph, who is the new brand ambassador for Witch Skincare, admitted that her recent experience with eyelash perming went horribly wrong.

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stephanie pratt

Steph says her lashes are only just recovering…

‘About two months ago I saw a guy friend who had had his eyelashes permed’, she said. ‘My lashes were long but I just wanted them to have a curl.’

‘It was the worst mistake ever, they were such tight little curls’, she continued. ‘I couldn’t really stretch out my lashes and it looked like I had a weird little caterpillar on my eye line.’

Eeeep. NOT the result she wanted. And even worse, her lashes are only just recovering.

‘When they grew out they grew in all different directions, even make-up artists noticed’, she added. ‘They’ve only just started to straighten out now.’


Fans of Steph could be in for a treat soon, as the former The Hills star hinted just yesterday that she might be appearing on another reality show.

Sharing a selfie of her on the way to the airport, the blonde beauty wrote: ‘Off to LA to film a pilot for E! for the next three days! I’ll be delirious from jetlag but it’s alllll goooood! #werkwerkwerk.’

Ooh. Exciting stuff!