Star Wars-Inspired Light Saber Make Up Brushes? OMG.

May the FIERCE be with you

Anything that makes our beauty bag look cooler gets the thumbs up. And there’s nothing cooler than a Star Wars Light Saber, right??

Storybook Cosmetics, the brand who have officially made it their mission to bring the fun back into beauty, are hoping to create some Star Wars-inspo brushes. Something we are totally down with because, HELLO.

star wars

The brand took to Instagram to share a mock-up of their proposed designs. Alongside the image, Storybook captioned a plea to Disney saying, “Time to send positive vibes, and hope @disney & @starwars sell us the licensing to make this happen for you guys! This is a rough mockup, set would include 5 brushes! MAY THE FIRECE BE WITH YOU!”

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If that isn’t the best sign off ever we will out our granddad’s hat.

Light Saber make up brushes… YES

The featured brushes look all kinds of wonderful. Aside from having the most fun designed handles since the Harry Potter ones, we like to think they will make noise, too.

Obviously, that has only come from our Star Wars-obsessed brains but just imagine! Apply your fierce contouring with the kind of WOOSH and HMMM that only Darth Vadar usually can harness? So darn great.

How crafters do swatches 😎❤️ "Wizardry & Witchcraft" coming 2017!

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If this does happen, our inner geek will be so very happy.

Storybook Cosmetics are putting the fun back into beauty

Storybook Cosmetics have already delivered some of the most nerdy-slash-dreamy products this year. As well as the Harry Potter make up brushes that look like wands (seriously), they’re also going to be launching a HP beauty palette with the best named shades ever.

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On Wednesdays, we wear Mean Girls Makeup. 💄 (This is just an idea we drew up)

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A couple of months ago they teased us with a mock-up of a Mean Girls-inspired palette based on the infamous Burn Book. Although that has yet to be completed we are still keeping it all crossed in the hope that in 2017 we can channel LiLo et al via our eye shadows.

And if we can apply the Mean Girls shadows with Star Wars brushes… Well. What a life we time to be alive.