People Are Saying Very Bizarre Things About Stacey McLean

Remember Stacey McLean?!

She rose to fame as a member of S Club Juniors (later S Club 8) in the early 2000s, alongside bandmates including Frankie Bridge and Rochelle Humes.

The group went their separate ways back in 2005 – but now the 27-year-old is back! And it sounds like she’s ready to take on The Saturdays in the charts.

> Stacey McLean came to fame as a member of S Club Juniors


Speaking to OK! Online, Stacey reveals: ‘I left the band I was 15 or 16, just over 10 years ago now. And I’ve kind of been around, I’ve done bits and bobs, and some TV appearances and stuff, but I feel like now I’m kind of ready to break out into the industry again.

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‘I’m working on a track at the moment which is going to be massive, so everything’s going according to plan. You’ll be hearing it soon, it’s amazing.’

> Instagram: Stacey McLean


But unfortunately for Stacey, not everything about her return to the limelight has been 100% positive.

She’s been forced to defend shocking – and completely bizarre – claims that she FAKED her mixed race background. Um, excuse us?!

Of course, Stacey does look a little different to how she did in her early teens. But we imagine that’s because she’s over a decade older… obvs.

> Stacey McLean has aged since these days… obviously


She says: ‘A lot of people are like: “She’s not mixed race anymore,” and it’s like: “Erm… I am!” I’ve just grown, I mean I’m 27 now. It’s been 14 years since I was in the band.

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> Instagram: Stacey McLean


‘People kind of think: “Okay, she’s not mixed race and she’s had a lot of work done and she isn’t natural.” I’m like: “No I’m just grown.” These are my features.’

Well, it’s safe to say this is the oddest thing we’ve heard today. But it’s good to have you back, lady!