Squiggle Eyebrows Are Here And We’re Confused And Maybe Scared

How and why?

There have been so many viral brow trends this year we are struggling to keep up. The boyfriend brow, the feather brow, the Scouse brow – they’ve lived and they’ve died out.

But this week a new trend has hit the scene and this one has got to be the weirdest one yet. We’re calling it the squiggle brow, because yes, it looks like a squiggle.

It’s currently taking Instagram by storm, beauty bloggers and makeup artists galore are perfecting and showcasing the wacky trend, but people (ourselves included) aren’t quite sure how they feel about it.

The strange arches were initially picked up by PopSugar when beauty influencer, Promise Tamang, uploaded her creation to Instagram. She reported that she was inspired when she saw a photoshopped picture on Instagram and wanted to try it out IRL

New Brow trend??? When you're tired of being basic. Somebody dare me to go out like this 🌊 #melovemealot vibezz

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Obviously the first thing we want to know is how on earth do you get your brows to look like that without actually removing any hairs?

Luckily, Promise spilled the secret to the perfect squiggle and don’t worry there’s no tweezers in site.

She revealed that she began by using washable PVA glue to “flatten” her brow hair “all in one direction”.

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Sounds strange? Yeah, we agree but we’re down to give it a go safe n the knowledge that this little trick has been used and approved by Queen B.

Following that, she used full coverage concealer to hide her brow hairs and then used setting and pressed powders to fully erase and hide any noticeable strays.

The squiggle was created by a mix of black gel eyeliner mixed with pomade to give it that extra bit of definition and make it darker than your normal brow.

The Queen of weird and wonderful beauty trends Huda also reposted an Insta, coining the look: wavy brows.

Now you know how to get it, will you dare to try it? In all honesty we think the look could take off for Halloween – we’re planning on showcasing our handiwork then so watch this space.

We would probably be scared if we saw someone on the tube sporting them but if all else fails, you could just do it for the gram…