Spring Style You Need To Master

This is a Look Advertorial.

If you want to create effortless waves, Cloud Nine has a tool to help you do just that.

Need some inspo? Check out this easy-to-achieve hairdo and follow our step-by-step guide to get it right…

How to do…A-List Effortless Waves

Style like a pro with: The Cloud Nine Waving Wand, Hairdryer, Dressing Brush, Bristle Brush and Batiste Stylist Smooth It Frizz Tamer.

Cloud Nine Effortless Waves Step 1

Step one: Prep dry hair by sectioning hair from temple to temple. Secure the bottom section at the back of the head.

Cloud Nine Effortless Waves Step 2

Step 2: Spritz ends with some water and light styling spray before blow- drying in large sections with a dressing brush to get a smooth finish.

Cloud Nine Effortless Waves Step 3

Step 3: Start on one side and work your way around the headto the other side, working with large vertical sections. Wrap hair around the barrel of the wand once and let it set for 10 seconds before releasing. As each curl is formed, wind it up and clip against the head to cool.

Cloud Nine Effortless Waves Step 4

Step 4: Once the back and sides are set, drop the top section down and repeat this technique. You should end up with approximately 12 big curls pinned up.

Cloud Nine Effortless Waves Step 5

Step 5: Using a bristle brush, brush through the style to shape the wave.

And there you have it, three cool new hair looks to master this spring. Now there’s no excuse for bad hair days.

Cloud Nine Effortless Waves Step 6

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