Spray On Nail Polish Is Here (And We Are Obsessed)

As a nail colour commitment-phobe, I’m forever changing up my polish, faffing around with coat after coat in pursuit of a perfect mani. That’s why I literally squealed when I heard about Nails Inc’s genius new spray on polishes.

The Nails Inc Paint Cans, £10 each, are a world first, and for the time-poor (like me), they are a total game-changer as each spray dries instantly. So you can cheat perfectly painted talons with zero down time.

You have to start with a base coat to give the paint something to hold on too. Then spray the Paint Cans from a couple of inches away, careful not to overload each nail, or things can get a bit messy.

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Finally, wash your hands with a little soapy water, this will remove the excess paint on your skin whilst leaving the polish on your fingernails flawless. Topcoats are optional, but like any manicure, if you want it to last longer and look super glossy, it’s worth the extra step.


Currently Nails Inc have launched two shades in the spray paint formula, a seriously cool foil-effect silver shade, called Shoreditch Lane and a mega-bright, neon pink colour, called Hoxton Market. 

Nails Inc Ambassador, Alexa Chung, stars in the campaign and has already given us a major crush on the electric pink shade. The Paint Cans go on sale from the 12th November, so make sure you head over to NailsInc.com asap on Thursday morning, as we’re predicting they’ll sell out in record time.

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By Victoria Jowett