Move Over Juicing, Everyone’s Going Mad For Souping

Used to an Instagram feed full of celebrities cuddling up to their green juices? Well, it looks like you’ll soon find yourself scrolling through endless posts of their best tableware instead, as stars and health gurus swap their bottles for bowls and embrace ‘souping’, the latest diet trend in the States – and about to storm the UK.

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What is souping?

Yup, from Hollywood health fanatics Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow to health gurus of the moment Hemsley and Hemsley, it looks like everyone who’s anyone is “soup cleansing” these days. Working in a similar way to the traditional juice cleanse (where you replace solid meals and snacks with liquids to sip throughout the day), souping is thought to ease the load on your body’s digestive system and allow it to recalibrate to maximum efficiency – all the while feeling like a satisfying meal.

Benefits of souping

And according to Harley Street nutritionist and founder of Rhitrition, Rhiannon Lambert, the decision to choose soup instead of juice brings definite health benefits: “Your average vegetable-based soup contains tons of fibre, vitamins and minerals, without the extremely high levels of natural sugar that fruit juices often contain,” she tells LOOK. “It’s not like the days of blending cabbage with hot water for morning, noon and night – these soups are jam packed with antioxidants and include different ingredients for different times of the day to keep your body working to its maximum potential. In terms of boosting nutrition, soup is the perfect meal because it’s relatively easy to balance healthy fats, protein and vegetables and this prevents your body from experiencing an insulin spike.”

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Of course, as with juicing, some experts still argue that a strict liquid-only cleanse actually does more long-term harm than good. “Our bodies are designed to cleanse themselves naturally so if you’re already eating a relatively clean diet there’s no need to embark on a cleanse or detox, soup-based or otherwise,” says Rhiannon. “But regularly swapping one of your meals for a soup packed with vegetables can be a really effective way to boost your energy levels, improve digestion and help maintain a healthy weight. I’m all for it!”

Souping detox recipes

Breakfast: Blend avocado, lime, coconut milk, hemp protein, coconut water for a healthy gazpacho. Note: your first meal of the day should contain complex carbs, protein and at least one fruit or vegetable for antioxidants.

Lunch: Boil some brown rice, add chicken, onion, peas, broccoli, garlic, and blend.

Dinner: Boil and blend beetroot, cashew nuts, chickpeas, onion, spinach and aubergine (focus on healthy fats, protein and vegetables).

Body-Boosting Broth

It was the dish du jour of New York Fashion Week and the (hot) Hemsley sisters consider it the foundation of their famous recipes. We’re talking about bone broth, of course. Created when you simmer animal bones in hot water for a good few hours, the super-nourishing liquid is a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, protein and collagen – not to mention the fact that it’s dairy-free, gluten-free and low-calorie. No surprise then that the fashion elite are going mad for it, even infusing it with superfoods such as beetroot and ginger for maximum healthiness. Think of it as grandma’s chicken soup, and then some.

By Victoria Joy