So Tattoos Actually Have A *Major* Health Benefit

Want to know something weird? Tattoos have now been proven to be GOOD for your health.

Yep, a new study from the American Journal Of Human Biology has discovered that tattoos can actual strengthen your body’s immune system, meaning you’re better equipped to fight off infections.

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But, how?! Well, it’s all due to the stress your body is put under whilst having a tattoo inked. 

The study showed that people who were having a tattoo for the first time showed decreased levels of immunoglobulin A and increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that can surpress your body’s immune response.

But for people who already had a tattoo, their levels of immunoglobulin A didn’t drop as much, or as quickly. This means that having a tattoo effectively seems to makes your body stronger, and leads to a better immune system.



‘When you stress yourself, either via exercise or a tattoo, cortisol suppresses immune response,’ Christopher D. Lynn, Ph.D., an associate professor at the University of Alabama, says. 

‘As with exercise, if you keep it up, your body adjusts its systems or builds up its defences in ways that accommodate the stress to the skin so that it can also deal with things like the common cold without getting all out of whack every time you get a new one.’

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So basically, you know when your body gets fitter and stronger the more exercise you do? The same rules apply with tattoos. 

Of course, tattoos can still be dangerous (infections, scarring etc). but it’s interesting to hear that there can be a positive side, too.

‘There are still really interesting, important, and potentially good biological consequences of tattooing,’ Lynn adds.