This Snapchat Hack Will Help You Choose The Perfect Mani Colour

HOW did we not think of this!?

We’ve all been there, you walk into the nail salon and they tell you to take a seat and wait while the manicurist finishes off glossing someone else nails. Oh, and while you’re waiting can you please pick your colour.

Time has never gone so quickly. Do you go for your go-to red that’s sure to carry you through, after all Oliva Palermo ONLY wears red nail polish, and we want to be her, obvs. But then, nude goes with EVERYTHING – what if you’re planning on wearing bright pink, red would look werid no?

Plus it’s summer and you’re choosing such boring colours, push the boat out and go for an orange or a bight blue. But then really dark red is just so classy and always looks great in the evening.

This is genuinely my thought process every single time, so much so that I’ve often resorted to just choosing my colour at home and bringing it with me to save everyone the hassle.

So, when I heard that Emma Young – lets all just refer to her as technical genius from now on – discovered a pretty life changing hack for picking you polish that involves your Iphone and Snapchat I was blown away.

You might be thinking that, clearly it doesn’t take a lot to impress me, but seriously, if you’re not as amazed as I am by this then your life is confusingly exciting.

Said technical genius, Emma, took a photo of the coloured fake nails and then used Snapchat to turn it into a custom sticker.

Once she had her sticker, she placed it over her own nail to see exactly how the colour would look on her hands.

Impressive right? We think so. Copyright that, babe.