This Mascara Trick Will Transform Your Make-Up Routine

We all know that mascara can be a bit of a difficult one.

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You think everything’s going well until… DISASTER. You’ve got it in your hair, your eyelashes have clumped and there’s black goo in your tear ducts.

*Sigh*. The traumas of being a girl, eh?

But now we’ve discovered a video that could totally transform your morning beauty routine. Oh yes, this is worth reading…

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The clever people at PureWow have demonstrated a super-simple way to update the way we make up our eyes, which they’ve dubbed the ‘Smush and Pull’.

Our favourite thing about this technique? It uses a quick and easy two-step system, so even the most inexperienced of mascara users should be able to pull it off.

First, use your wand to ‘smush’ your lashes. This involves you pushing the hairs at the outer corner of your eyelids inwards.

Smush and Pull mascara technique

Then for the ‘pull’ part, use a classic stroke to pull them in the opposite direction.

The aim is to load up with mascara before working on lengthening the lashes, giving you a more voluminous (and super glamorous) look.

It’s so quick, we promise it’ll only take a couple of minutes. In fact, it could be the easiest mascara method out there.

Smush and Pull mascara technique

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Take a look at the Smush and Pull tutorial below…