Smokey Eyes? We’re All About Smokey Lips

Put down your eye shadow brush for a minute. Your lips are the new body part demanding a little drama. Here’s how to make smoky lips happen…

When it comes to your kisser we’ve pretty much heard it all. Glitter, gloss, matte, ombre… You name it, we’ve Googled it. Believe it or not there’s yet another way to make your mouth have more impact than a naked Kim Kardashian selfie. Smokey lips are thing and we like it.

No, the beauty world isn’t telling you to douse your lips in your fave MAC Carbon shadow or line them with a liquid liner. Smokey lips are all about easy layering using a scary-looking black lippy over your fave shade.

Who better to kick off the trend than Lipstick Queen who have launched their brand new Smokey Lip Kits designed to give you just that? Say hello to your fave beauty hack this autumn/winter – the sultry smokey lip.

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Each kit comes with a signature lipstick shade plus the deliciously dark Black Lace Rabbit Lipstick. Smudged over a lighter lippy the Black Lace Rabbit lipstick darkens the lips creating a cool smokey effect on the lips. How smokey you go is up to you and how much dabbing you do. The BLR lipstick is a sheer black tube with flecks of gold sparkle to add extra dimension to the lips.

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The shades of lipsticks vary from a deep pink (Bright Neutral) or a beige-hued dusty rose (Pinky Nude). The sets are currently only available to buy online on US sites.

Fancy trying the look out in the meantime? Estee Lauder’s Estee Edit Lip flip shade transformer will give you almost the same effect, minus the glitter. Smudge it on over your chosen lippy to enjoy a darker shade.

This revelation gives a whole new element to our lipstick collection. Your fave zingy orange holiday shade can now work for winter!

Of course, if you fancy dipping into the Victoriana Goth trend then wearing Black Lace Rabbit on its own will totally give you that vibe.

By Ellen Kerry