Meet The Smart Sun Protectors Your Skin Needs This Summer

We filter out the savviest SPFs for every skin type and social situation.

The Pimple Protecting Cream: Avene Cleanance Solaire SPF50, £16

Every girl with blemish prone skin knows that sunscreens are their kryptonite. Mineral SPFs tend to sit on top of the skin and gunk up pores, while chemical ones irritate it, leading to breakouts. Step forward your new suncare superhero. It’s the only SPF proven to protect skin from harmful rays and fight blemishes simultaneously. Its miracle ingredient is monolaurin, which targets the cells that produce excess oil, so spots are physically unable to form. If that wasn’t enough, silica and PMMA powders mop up any excess oil in their path, priming skin so you can ace your make-up application. In a nutshell? This product is spot on.


The Holiday Hero Mist: La Roche Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine Invisible Mist SPF50, £14

Going to Glasto? Planning a blowout in Ibiza? Do not go anywhere without packing this mattifying SPF mist. The high-tech formula has the unique ability to absorb up to 100x its weight in sebum, so no matter how hard you party (and sweat), your make-up will never migrate down your face. The formulation is so scientific that it was NASA who originally harnessed for its anti-sweat superpowers. As for its sun shielding properties, it also fights off dangerous Infrared rays which are capable of reaching the deepest layers of the skin. Its weightless texture melts into skin so seamlessly, you don’t even know it’s there, meaning you can spritz over make-up throughout the day. Genius!


The Beach Friendly Balm: Vichy Anti-Sand Milk SPF30 Milk, £18

Sand and suncream don’t exactly make the perfect partners. Until now. Vichy’s ingenious formulation

contains special technology which prevents those pesky sand grains from sticking to your skin. Completely non-greasy, the cream-meets-lotion hybrid sinks into skin within seconds so that you can brush away sand in seconds. It’s also ideal for those with sensitive skin, as soothing mineralizing water reinforces the skin’s natural barrier function the moment the mercury starts to rise. This gives a whole new meaning to beach beauty!


The Fitness Friendly Formula: The Shiseido WetForce Sports BB SPF 50+, £32

Swimming pools and the sea were once a suncare sticking point, but Shiseido’s latest offering cleverly uses water to its advantage. Formulated with WetForce Technology, it contains negative ions that bond with positive ions found in water minerals and your body’s own sweat. When they come into contact they form a water repellent layer. So the sweatier you get, or more times you jump into the pool, the harder the formula works to protect you from sun damage. You don’t have to compromise on coverage either, its flattering skin tint masks imperfections to give instant and natural radiance so you can skip the foundation altogether.


The Complexion Perfecting Primer: Thank You Farmer Sun Project Shimmer Essence SPF30, £27

Korean women know a thing or two about keeping their skin in check. So, when they champion an SPF, we take note. Say hello to Thank You Farmer’s latest offering, a next generation sun screen that combines the plump hydration of a moisturiser with the soft-focus effect of a blur balm. It harnesses titanium dioxide, to create a physical ‘force field’ between your skin and the damaging effects of sun and pollutants. Perfect for darker skintones, its packed with niacinamide, a skin-brightener that helps to halt hyperpigmention. Natural extracts like Iceland moss extract also hydrate without smothering and the super-subtle prismatic pigments offer a lit-from-within glow that gives the dreamiest finish from every angle.


The City Smart Spritz: Garnier Moisture Bomb Multi-Protecting Hydrating Mist SPF30, £9.99

Thanks to the ridiculously high levels of pollution, urban dwellers need to up the ante when it comes to their SPF protection. Thankfully the skin geeks at Garnier have teamed two most powerful complexion defenders. Pomegranate extract, an anti-oxidant powerhouse, helps to fight off the bad bits of pollution that are flung at skin every day while a hit of hydration floods skin with moisture, so it becomes better at protecting itself. The added SPF protection and handy spritz delivery system also means it takes milliseconds to spray across skin – a must-have for those on the go.


The All Natural Nourisher: Tropic Tinted Skin Shade Facial Sun Protection SPF50, £24

Although mineral suncreams are safer for our bodies (the particles are too big to be absorbed into the skin) they are more expensive to formulate than their chemical counterparts and tend not to be used because they leave a thick, chalky cast and are harder to apply. Taken two years in the making, meet the first 100% natural mineral formula. Rich in antioxidants and blended with plant oils you’ll find no harmful ingredients in this cover up and it wont leave you looking like Casper the ghost. The medium shade suits all skins and provides you with all the UVA and UVB protection but has the finish of a BB cream. Dreamy.