The Scary Truth Of Sleeping With Your Make-Up On

This is what one night of a full-faced sleep does to your skin...

Okay, so we all know that sleeping with your make-up on is never a good idea but we never knew a full-faced nap could be this dangerous.

It’s a given that being lazy when it comes to taking off a days worth of make-up has its consequences but, as this latest study proves, it can be a lot more damaging than we thought. We’re talking impaired cell renewal, inflammation and eye infection.

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To investigate the issue further, InStyle US spoke to Melanie Palm, the MD of Art Of Skin, who revealed what dangers specific types of make-up can do to your health if they’re not removed properly at the end of the day.

‘Sleep is a restorative time for the skin, and if oil glands and pores are blocked by the day’s makeup remains, the results can be disastrous,’ Palm explains. ‘Makeup products left on the skin do not allow skin to properly shed, and the makeup, old skin cells and environmental pollutants can accumulate on your pillow.’ It goes without saying that nailing down a nightly cleansing routine will help reduce your chances of being prone to skin mishaps including clogged pores, blackheads, inflammatory acne, and flaky, red, irritated skin, all of which are direct symptoms of wearing makeup overnight.

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Palm also reveals that there is a stark difference between sleeping with face or eye makeup on, and mascara and eyeliner come with different pitfalls. ‘Sleeping with eye makeup on puts a patient at risk for corneal abrasions (due to particles irritating the surface of the eye), and inflammation around the delicate tissue of the eye,’ Palm says. ‘Inflammation around the eye can cause eye infections, irritation and clogging of glands around the eyelash line as well as eyelid redness and irritation.’ Yikes…

So, what can you take from this? Basically, whenever you can, ALWAYS try to make the effort to take off your slap. However, for the times that cleansing, toning and moisturising just isn’t an option, what does Palm suggest? The morning after, ‘use warm (not hot) water to loosen caked-on makeup to gently open pores of the skin. If your skin is not sensitive, this would be a great opportunity to use an ultrasonic cleansing brush to ensure thorough cleansing to remove debris from the skin’s surface and pores.’