This Is The £8 Skincare Secret Natalie Portman Swears By

It's so popular, one's sold every 5 SECONDS

It’s no secret that Natalie Portman has GREAT skin. And whilst you might think it’s all down to expensive face creams and crazy facials – it turns out her skincare secret is actually a real budget buy. Because recently, when talking to Harper’s Bazaar, Natalie revealed her favourite skincare treats. And there’s one that stuck out to us.

When talking about her skincare regime, Natalie explained: ‘I always take off my make-up before bed by double cleansing. I use Bioderma make-up remover’

The make-up remover she’s referring to? Well it’s only everyone’s fave £8 micellar water that was essentially the first one on the market!

The £8 Skincare Secret Natalie Portman Swears By

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

Used backstage at fashion week as it’s so quick and easy to use (not to mention, seriously gentle)

Plus, one is now sold once every FIVE seconds worldwide. Just sweep on with a cotton pad and watch as your make-up, dirt and grime is melted away.

Hey, if it gives us skin like Natalie Portman – we’re IN.