These Are The Skincare Products HudaBeauty Couldn’t Live Without


If there’s anyone’s beauty advice we are going to take its beauty blogger Huda Kattan. We know you know who she is, heck we’d be slightly concerned if you didn’t. With 20.9 million followers on Instagram, she could tell us to dip our head into a vat of slime and we would do it.

Which is why when she told WWD how she deals with bad skin days, we made sure we were taking notes. After all she may have conquered the beauty world but she still suffers bad skin days, she’s still human after all. It may come as a surprise, but Kattan admits her skin is difficult.

“I have the worst skin ever. If I don’t take care of it religiously, I break out every single time without fail.” She says she swears by a handful of products to help keep her skin in check. Her favourites?

Ren’s Rose O12 Moisture Defense Oil, £42


SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, £129


SkinCeuticals Skin Firming Cream, £109.50.

She also likes Baby Quasar’s MD Blue, £559 light therapy tool to tackle acne scars. SkinCeuticals are already a staple in our regime, it might not be cheap but it’s worth every penny. As for the light therapy tool, we’re not sure we’ll be parting with 500+ pounds, even if it does rid us of pesky acne marks.

Either way, Kattan’s skin comes with a pretty hefty price tag and we reckon we’ll be saving for quite some time before we can purchase her list. If only we were all super successful, world conquering beauty bloggers. Life, eh.