How To: Get The Most Out Of Your Skincare Using Facial Massage Techniques

Facial Massage Techniques are going mainstream are here's how you can get on board...

Facial Massage is no longer something that only your facialist can do and 2017 is predicted to be the year that we’re all going to have daily facial massage techniques in our skincare routine.

From removing tensions from skin tissue, to actually lifting muscles and creating a natural contour (buh-bye double chin) facial massage is something we can all do. It keeps muscles healthy and strong so that they bounce back in to position instead of drooping or sagging.

But if you don’t know where the hell to start, don’t worry. Because our Deputy Beauty Editor Chloe is a massive fan of facial massage – and she’s broken it down so that we can ALL fit it into our skincare regime.


Where to start with cleansers? From foaming face washes to super-slick oils, your cleanser is often the very first point of call in your skincare regime. But it turns out that how you apply your cleanser is actually just as important as what you’re putting on your skin.

Foaming Face Washes
If you’re a fan of bubbly, foaming face washes then the best way to apply is with your fingertips, directly to damp skin.

Cleansing Lotions & Micellar Waters
Unlike bubbly washes and gels, cleansing lotions and micellar waters should be applied to dry skin with a cotton pad – or else you risk the water diluting the product

Warm your cleansing oil in the palm of your hand before massaging into your dry skin. Introduce a little warm water to emulsify the oil before rinsing away.

Cleansing In Motion
Whichever type of cleanser you choose – the application method should remain pretty similar. Use circular motions with the pads of your fingertips and massage to boost blood circulation. Use warm water to open up the pores and remember to rinse well! Sticky residue left on the skin will not only break you out, but stop your other products being absorbed properly too!



Toner often gets disregarded as a meh skincare step, but if you want radiant skin – toner is essential! They pack-a-punch acting as a double cleanse, removing residue from other products and also help to get rid of the chemicals left on the skin from tap water that may dehydrate the skin.

Toner In Motion
Sweep toner over your face with a cotton pad, focusing in upward strokes, avoiding the eye area.

Exfoliators are a must for glowy skin. They slough away dead cells to reveal the baby-soft skin underneath. But be gentle! We’ve all been tempted to really scrub our skin (especially in oily areas) but this will cause damage and sensitivity.

Exfoliating In Motion

Like cleansing, exfoliate in small circular motions – but apply less pressure! Let your scrub do the scrubbing and be gentle on your skin, even though it can be tempting to get in all the nooks and crannies, keep it soft! Rinse away with warm water.

Serums + Oils

Serums and oils work wonders for hydrating our skin – so don’t be afraid of them – yes, even if you have oily skin! Take the time to apply pressure and really work these into your skin.

Serum In Motion

Always apply in upwards strokes, using pressure to relieve tension in the jaw, temples and cheeks.

Eye Cream

Helping to reduce puffy eyes, wrinkles and the dreaded under-eye bags – eye creams are essential in the battle against sleepy-face. Zzz.

Eye Cream In Motion

The eye area is one of the most delicate and most sensitive parts of our body. Pat eye cream in place using your ring finger (any other finger will apply too much pressure) and never sweep eye cream – as the dragging motion can wrinkle and damage the under eye area.