We Could Sit And Watch This Hair For Hours

Why doesn't our hair look like this!?

Creating ice white blonde hair takes some serious skill. And if anyone knows how to transform a golden girl into an ice queen its hair stylist Zach Mesquit.

Based in South California, Zach’s behind some of the brightest, whitest, ashiest blondes we have EVER seen.

His Instagram, appropriately named @platinum_perfection, showcases all of his incredible tones and we can’t stop scrolling. Whilst mid scroll we came across what appeared to be some sort of an edited video.

Silver stars ✨

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At first glance it appeared as if the sparkle emoji had been put ontop of someone’s hair, but as we watched the video we realised that this was no fake – this was real life star strands.

For starters, we are mesmerised and have already watched the video about 5 times, but we also have so many questions. What is this magical sparkling substance and how has he managed to fix it into her hair?

From the looks of things they are thin pieces of some sort of glittery silver thread. After doing a bit more investigating (because we are desperate to find out how we can recreate it ourselves, duh) we came across another video – this time with multi-coloured sparkles. GIMMIE.

Obviously, people are loosing their s*** slightly and are also dying to know how this fantasy hair was created. ‘Your video made it to the Hair Education Forum, we want to know how you got the tinsel to reflect like that! It’s gorgeous!’, said one.

@platinum_perfectionhow do u tie it in the hair? How long does it last?’, said another.

Yeah, we would also like the answers to those questions, please. For now, we are just going to have to settle for watching the videos on repeat. If anyone finds out, holla!