Miley Cyrus Channels The 90s With Body And Hair Glitter

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Miley Cyrus put a very Miley Cyrus-esque twist on the 90s trend yesterday.

The singer, 22, was snapped at New York’s JFK Airport after going pretty cer-azy with hair and body glitter (remember that stuff?!).

She’d sprinkled a large amount of the silver sparkles in her hair, as well as spreading them around her eyes. And the result made quite a statement.

Miley Cyrus out in New York with body and hair glitter on Miley Cyrus dons a very 90s-style ensemble


Miley continued her retro vibe by pairing her unique beauty look with a mesh T-shirt, ripped fishnet tights and distressed denim shorts. She’d even accessorised with a scrunchie around her wrist.

She kept the glitter on for a performance at the Adult Swim Upfront Party in venue Terminal 5, where she showed off a whole lotta flesh in white leggings and butterfly-shaped nipple tassels.

Miley Cyrus performing in New York Miley Cyrus dons a risqué ensemble on stage


She also wore a pair of pink latex gloves and *huge* wings on her back.


Miley’s final outfit change came when she headed out in the Big Apple. This time she sported a coral handkerchief-style skirt and halterneck crop top combo.

Miley Cyrus wearing a coral combo out in New York Miley Cyrus continues her 90s theme


Hmmm. Now what does that ensemble remind us of? Could it be the bandanas we used to sport back in 1999?

Well, Miley certainly had a theme going on.

Shakira wearing a bandana Shakira used to love her bandana


If you fancy trying Miley’s 90s look, we’ve found a hair and body glitter that’ll give you a similar effect for just £3.

For a more subtle sheen, place a small amount on your hands before carefully dabbing in the corners of your eyes and running your fingers through your locks.

To channel Miley’s over-the-top metallics, have a bit of fun with it and apply liberally. However, we do recommend doing this in your bathroom as it will be messy.

But hey, if it’s good enough for Miley…