This Beauty Brand Is Getting Pulled From The UK

Where will we get our favourite lash accessory from??

Over here in the UK we are pretty much always playing catch up when it comes to being able to buy certain beauty brands.

Only in the last few years have some of our favourite products started to get stocked over here, but there are still big brands that we’re eagerly awaiting to join us from across the pond.

So, with all the progress we’ve been making we were shocked to discover that Shu Uemura have decided to stop selling in the UK. Sob.

We are pretty gutted about the news – if anyone knows of any other eyelash curlers that are as good as Shu’s do let us know, the prospect of no longer having lusciously long lashes is almost too much to bear.

And while they’ve said that us UK customers will still be able to access the brand online via e-commerce sites and in some professional salons, it does mean that we wont be able to head to a shop and browse all the pigmented palettes and cat covered bottles.

RIP, we will miss you making our shop’s shelves that much prettier.