The Shocking Truth About BB Cream….

You think it’s good for your skin, right?

The BB Cream revolution hit the beauty scene around four years ago, promptly changing everything as we knew it. Suddenly the promise of fresh, lighter coverage was real! Glowy dewy skin that had been prepped and primed without the need for extra prods! It sounded like the dream. But were we tricked?

According to Nicola Moleti, Laura Mercier make-up artist and Popsugar contributor, yes. She says BB Cream is actually a foundation and not the Beauty Balm we were all promised.

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Shut. The. Front. Door.

BB Creams are just foundations according to experts

Nicola told Popsugar that BB Creams can act as primers or will work alone as foundations because they are just that. Foundation. They give medium to heavy coverage and are therefore not great for people with dry skin.

Anyone who rushed out to buy a tube of BB Cream when it the hope it would give their dry, scaly skin a dewy glow will probably be feeling enlightened right now.

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Squeezing a blob onto the back of your hand, trying desperately to buff it into your skin but you can’t because it’s *so* heavy.

Did you get a dud tube? Because there’s no way a BB Cream could be that thick ‘n’ heavy, right?

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There’s another way you can achieve glowy, dewy skin…

Most BBs will contain a form of SPF, serum, primer, moisturizer and foundation making people believe it’s an ideal way to speedily get ready in the morning.

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Unless you have mega oily chops, using BB Cream can actually be detrimental to your skin, according to Nicola. Most people’s faces have a combination of care requirements; you need different products to get your best-ever skin.

Instead, use a moisturizer with SPF, serum and primer. Then either a tinted moisturizer or a foundation depending on the level of coverage you need.

CC Creams (colour correcting) are hydrating and so will give a lovely, dewy finish. They also cover imperfections. We love Erborian CC creme, £17, Space NK.

See you down the CC Cream aisle!